Phone Numbers:CCAP: (304) 263-3940L & F: (304) 267-2810

Board of Directors

2017 Officers and Board Members

  • President: Steve Truax
  • Vice President: Claudia Bentley
  • Secretary: Lynne Steptoe
  • Treasurer:  Pete Dufourny
  • Assistant Treasurer: Vickie Smith
  • Legal Counsel: Kin Sayre
  • Office Manager:
  • CCAP Volunteer Coordinator: Ruanna Hess
  • Loaves and Fishes Volunteer Coordinator: Beverly Hosby
  • Loaves and Fishes Volunteer Coordinator: Vel Chapman
  • Front Desk Volunteer Coordinator: Sue Boslau
  • Food Manager: Pam Wagoner

Board Members

  • Lillian Smith
  • John Washington
  • Doug Frye
  • Frank Farmer
  • Frances "Annie" Odum
  • Debra O'Shea
  • Beverly Van Metre
  • Phil Steptoe
  • Pete Mulford
  • Becky Pyne
  • Pastor Matt Day
  • Pastor Julie Harris

In your dealings with these Board members and our other volunteers, and when you are considering whether to donate money or food, do remember that none of our positions are paid positions.  In addition to writing vouchers and distributing food, many of these individuals invest a great deal of time and energy into writing grants, maintaining books that are subject to audit at any time, and operating a food pantry that is subject to health inspection at any time.