Phone Numbers:CCAP: (304) 263-3940L & F: (304) 267-2810

Our Impact

How CCAP and Loaves & Fishes Helped Our Community in 2016:

  • We distributed 2959 boxes of food weighing a total of 92,086 pounds.
  • We provided rental assistance to 306 households.
  • We helped individuals receive 320 prescriptions.
  • We helped 198 households keep their water and sewer services who were threatened with having those services cut off.
  • We helped 387 households keep their electric services after they had been threatened with having their electricity shut off.
  • We assisted with gas or bus fare for transportation 219 times.
  • We assisted with propane for cooking 37 times.
  • We assisted with firewood for heating 19 times.
  • We helped with shoes and clothes, primarily work boots and work clothes, 277 times.
  • We helped 21 people receive dental services.
  • We helped 31 people obtain glasses.