Phone Numbers:CCAP: (304) 263-3940L & F: (304) 267-2810

Need Assistance?

Operating Hours:

We are open from 10 AM until 1 PM most weekdays. We do close the offices for inclement weather (usually when the Berkeley County Schools have closed or the weather is bad enough that our volunteers cannot get in) and are closed for a few days in conjunction with federal holidays.


We are located at 336 South Queen Street, Martinsburg WV 25401-3232. Our offices are in the bottom floor of the Saint Joseph’s Catholic Parish office building, in the rooms that some may remember as having been classrooms for the old St Joseph’s School. We now operate and distribute food and other assistance from those rooms. To entrance for CCAP/Loaves and Fishes is in the back and down a few steps.

Phone numbers

Our phone number for CCAP is 304-263-3940 CCAP and for Loaves and Fishes is 304-267-2810. If at all possible call one of the phone numbers above and talk to one of our volunteers about your issue before stopping by.

To Apply For Assistance:

Please note that the Saint Joseph’s Church does not permit CCAP clients to park in their lot – please use other parking locations such as the metered parking along the curb. CCAP is in close proximity to a school, and we ask that clients and those that are with them refrain from smoking, using bad language, or other untoward behavior for that reason.

Once you arrive, check in with the volunteer at the front desk and take a seat in the waiting room. The waiting room offers reading material, toys for children, and has information on where employment or assistance may be obtained. You will be asked into the back to meet privately with one of our volunteers. Bring the social security cards of everyone in your household (some forms of assistance are based on the number of people in your household), and documentation that you are a resident of Berkeley County (a picture ID with current Berkeley County address, or other picture ID along with a utility bill or other document showing Berkeley County address), and be prepared to discuss your income and financial situation with a volunteer (these discussions are all strictly confidential).

Do note that financial assistance is provided in the form of scripts, not cash, and that individuals receiving food from the Loaves and Fishes are asked if at all possible to carry their boxes of food out to their vehicle themselves.