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Our Services

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Our ServicesC-CAP Ministries and what they provided in 2017.

The services that we provide changes periodically, and the criteria for receiving services and the frequency with which we provide them sometimes changes as well. These are reviewed monthly by the Board as it considers our donations, the grants that we are receiving, and other factors. Please do note that financial help is proved in the form of scripts that local agencies and providers accept. Our goal is always to provide short-term emergency assistance to help people return to work and return to financial independence.

How Can You Help?

Our Ministries and How We Help

  • The Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry is our biggest ministry.  We distributed 3,089 boxes of food weighing a total of 104,410 pounds in 2017.  We provide boxes of food that are based on the number of people in the household, and currently provide up to seven boxes of food per household per year.
  • We provided rental assistance to 306 households.  This ministry is very dependent on the amount of funding we receive, and this assistance focuses on helping individuals who are threatened with eviction who can develop a plan for remaining in their home if they receive our assistance.
  • We assisted individuals receive 336 prescriptions.
  • We helped 212 households who were threatened with having their water and sewer services cut off.  In July of 2015 we began to offer assistance to households that were threatened with having their electricity shut off, and provided that assistance 406 times.
  • We assisted with gas or bus fare for transportation 221 times.
  • We assisted with propane for cooking 23 times, and with firewood for heating 14 times.
  • We helped with shoes and clothes, primarily work boots and work clothes, 207 times, helped 18 people receive dental services, and helped 27 people obtain glasses.
  • These numbers are for January 1st through December 31st, 2017.

our impact in your community

  • Food: We distributed 2959 boxes of food weighing a total of 92,086 pounds last year.
  • Rental: 306
  • Prescriptions: 320
  • Water/Sewer: 198
  • Gas/Bus: 219
  • Propane: 37
  • Shoes/Clothes: 277
  • Firewood: 19
  • Dental: 21
  • Glasses: 31
  • Electric: 387