Phone Numbers:CCAP: (304) 263-3940L & F: (304) 267-2810

Give Food

The simplest and easiest way to donate food to CCAP / Loaves and Fishes is to participate in a food drive. A number of groups and agencies in Berkeley County organize food drives for CCAP / Loaves and Fishes each year, often going door-to-door leaving flyers that give the schedule and details of their drive. They often offer to collect the food and turn it in to our offices themselves, so often donors have to do is put food on their porch on the day it is being collected. Churches also organize many food drives throughout the year, usually collecting the food at church and delivering it to our offices. Donations may be brought to our offices any time that we are open, and donation receipts for donated food are available. Please donate foods that are healthy and non-perishable and donate foods that are in cans, boxes, bags, or other unbreakable containers of at all possible. Breakable glass containers do sometimes present problems for us.

Please help us provide food for needy local families by either donating through a local food drive
or visiting us at 336 S Queen St, Martinsburg, WV and donating food to our food pantry there.

Foods that we routinely need:

  • Canned single fruits and single vegetables
  • Cans of pasta sauce‚Ä® and boxes of spaghetti
  • Peanut butter
  • Medium-sized boxes of breakfast cereal
  • Jam or jelly
  • Cans of pork and beans, Beefaroni, or Chef Boyardee
  • Canned meats (chicken, beef, tuna, salmon, spam)
  • Pancake mix and pancake syrup

We also accept donations of fresh produce. One person brings us fresh corn he collects from local farmers, while other individuals bring us potatoes and other produce from their gardens, and we are very happy to provide this to our clients. Please call the Loaves and Fishes phone number if you have any questions about this.

Also, please remember that a significant number of our clients are either children or diabetics. We appreciate all food donations, but especially appreciate food that is not full of refined sugar.